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How Vitamins can Improve your Health

How Vitamins Boost Your General Health

It is a general perception among people that we do not need any supplements until we do not have any apparent signs of deficiency in our body. To live a healthy life it is important to provide our body with all the required nutrients on a regular basis. A balanced diet, undoubtedly, is the best way to provide your body with all nutrients. The human body needs nutrients to grow and work efficiently.

Role of a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is a diet that contains all the basic nutrients. Our body needs an equivalent amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in order to function properly. A balanced diet is referred to as a diet that includes wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat. All these sources of food are enriched with one or more nutrients that are effective to maintain a healthy body and mind. If a body is getting all the nutrients from its daily diet, supplements are not required. However, the fact is that our nutritional requirements are not met effectively by diet alone. This makes the use of supplements a better option to fulfill a daily nutritional need.

Importance of Macronutrients and Micronutrients



Macronutrients include nutrients that are required by the body in large amounts. These include carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Macronutrients are the basic source of energy and nutrition. Many primary health care physicians advise their patients to have a daily intake of all macronutrients inappropriate and divided portions.


Micronutrients are substances that are required by the body in small amounts. These substances are called trace elements as they are required in trace amounts. However, they are essential for the proper functioning of the body. If not provided in the diet, it may affect the sound functioning of the mind and body. Micronutrients include zinc, magnesium, iron, etc. our daily diet might not include all of these substances so many physicians ask their patients to take supplements daily to fulfill all requirements of the body.

How Vitamins can Improve your Health?

Vitamins help in boosting various body functions. They speed up metabolism, help in controlling weight, and make your general outlook better and healthy. Following are the vitamins that play important role in giving you a healthy boost:

1.     Vitamin B

Vitamin B is important for maintaining the metabolism of fats and proteins. The vitamin B family includes vitamin B12, B6, biotin, and folate. Vitamin B is also present in foods like lean meat, dairy products, eggs, seafood, and fruits like bananas. Vitamin B12, however, is found only in animal products this creates a little problem for vegetarians who can use supplements to fulfill their daily requirements. Moreover, it is also found in fortified plant-based milk products, yeast, and cereals. These sources could be utilized by vegetarians to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

2.     Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for maintaining the good condition of bones. A research study conducted by a group of cardiologists intended to find out the relationship between obesity and vitamin D. The results showed that the participants who were obese had lower levels of vitamin D and vice versa. This researches to what extent vitamin D can prevent obesity and thus play a role in preventing heart diseases as well. However, there are multiple factors that are responsible for obesity. One can not merely relate it to vitamin D levels. Diet, lifestyle, activity level, blood sugar levels, etc. all important factors to look into. Vitamin D is available as injections and oral capsules. People can administer an intramuscular injection or also be taken in the form of a capsule. The dosage is weekly. Another important and cheaper source of vitamin D is sunlight. In sunlight, our body naturally forms vitamin D, which helps develop and maintain bone health. However, due to limited exposure to the sun people find it easier to include vitamin D supplements in their routine.

3.     Vitamin C

Vitamin C belongs to a group of vitamins called water-soluble vitamins. This makes the daily intake of vitamin C necessary as it leaves the body via the excretion process daily. Vitamin C is very important for various reasons. It is important for the proper functioning of the brain and body. If there is a deficiency of vitamin C it can lead to diseases like Scurvy. Many such cases of scurvy due to a deficiency of vitamin C are reported in primary care centers of countries hit by famine. Vitamin C is naturally found in all citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, apples, etc. Moreover, it is readily available in the form of water-soluble supplements to give you an instant boost of energy. Vitamin C is important for your skin as well. It adds to maintaining skin elasticity and glow. Since it is a water-soluble supplement, so it is important to ensure a daily intake of vitamin C. For that purpose, people prefer to take vitamin C in the form of supplements.

4.     Vitamin A

Both the upper and lower layers of the skin need vitamin A as a part of their required nutrition. Vitamin A also helps to prevent sun damage and thus acts as a natural barrier to your skin. It is a natural antioxidant. A deficiency of vitamin A leads to various eye diseases and also affects vision in the dark. Skin becomes dry and itchy, sometimes due to a deficiency of vitamin A., it is naturally found in meat, seafood, and carrots. However, supplements are a good way to ensure the intake of vitamin A on a daily basis.

Thus, your skin, digestive system, nervous system, and endocrine system all need an adequate amount of vitamins on a daily basis to function properly. Undoubtedly, a balanced diet fulfills all the requirements of the body, but due to busy routines and the decreased nutritional value of processed foods, almost every individual is facing the issue of an improper diet. To assist you in this regard, supplements are the best option. Since supplements provide us with all the nutrients and vitamins required daily. This gives a boost to your overall health condition. A healthy mind and body are the most important things for you to excel in all spheres of your life.

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