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For Weight Loss

Achieving your weight loss goals has never been this attainable, but Mounjaro®injections have made it possible for all of us to successfully lose, as well as, maintain a healthy weight.

Mounjaro For Weight Loss


Mounjaro Shot

What is Mounjaro® Shot?

Mounjaro for weight loss was approved by FDA in May 2022, as an injectable prescription medicine that is used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose) in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus – however, it can also be very effectively used to assist in weight loss.

Together with exercise and a reduced calorie diet, many people have been successful in lowering their BMI.

How Does Mounjaro® Shots Work?

Mounjaro injections help with weight loss by decreasing your appetite and slowing down the speed at which food travels through your digestive tract, i.e. gastric emptying. This may help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time and reduce how much food you eat.

How Does Mounjaro Shots Work

Whether you have a few pounds to lose or a significant weight loss goal,
Manhattan Medical Arts is here to support you every step of the way.

Why Choose Manhattan Medical Arts
As Your Weight Loss Partner

Evidence-Based Approach


Using Mounjaro for weight loss is grounded in scientific research and evidence-based practices.

Personalized Attention


We recognize that every individual is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for weight loss. We take a personalized approach towards helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Long-Term Success


We not only focus on short-term weight loss but also on long-term success.

Holistic Approach


Our experts are aware that weight loss is not just about diet and exercise. We take a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of your well-being, including mindset, emotions, stress management, and sleep to help you achieve overall wellness.

Positive and Empowering Environment

Positive and Empowering Environment

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we foster a positive and empowering environment to help you stay motivated and inspired. We believe in celebrating your successes, providing encouragement, and creating a community of individuals on a similar journey.

Contact us today, schedule a consultation, and start your transformative journey towards a healthier tomorrow.
Together, we can overcome obstacles, achieve remarkable results, and unlock your true potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mounjaro injection suitable for everyone?

The Mounjaro shot is designed to accommodate various individuals with different weight loss goals and backgrounds. Whether you have a few pounds to lose or a significant amount of weight to shed, Mounjaro injection can be customized to meet your needs. It is always recommended to consult with our professionals to determine if Mounjaro for weight loss is the right fit for you.

How long do I have to take Mounjaro for weight loss?

The duration may vary depending on individual goals and progress. Some individuals may achieve their weight loss goals in a few months, while others may require a longer duration. Our weight loss experts will work with you to find the perfect timeline for you.

Do I have to come into the office to obtain injections?

At first, you will need to come into the office to establish baseline heath indicators. After your initial visit, telehealth options are available.

How long do side effects of Mounjaro shots last?

The side effects of Mounjaro injections can stick around for different lengths of time, varying from person to person. Usually, these side effects of Mounjaro shots stick around for a few days or weeks. Some less severe reactions might only last a couple of hours before getting better by themselves.

How does Mounjaro injection work?

Mounjaro injections make you lose weight by making you less hungry and slowing down how quickly food moves through your stomach and intestines.

Is Mounjaro shot approved for weight loss?

Yes! Mounjaro shot is an FDA approved for weight loss.

What happens when you stop taking Mounjaro?

When you stop taking Mounjaro dosage, your appetite will probably go back to how it was before. Similar to semaglutide, you might gain back some weight.

How much weight can you lose on Mounjaro?

A study found that, on average, adults who used Mounjaro lost around 25 pounds in a year. Those who took the highest Mounjaro dosage lost a bit more weight.

How to inject Mounjaro?

You use Mounjaro once a week. Inject it just under your skin, either in your stomach or thigh, or have someone else inject it into the back of your upper arm.

Why is Mounjaro better than Ozempic?

Deciding between Mounjaro and Ozempic depends on what you need and what you’re aiming for in your treatment. Mounjaro works better for reducing A1C (which shows your average blood sugar levels over three months) and helping you lose weight. On the other hand, Ozempic is approved by the FDA to prevent heart issues in people with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What are the side effects of Mounjaro?

The side effects of Mounjaro can vary, but common ones include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. Some people may also experience injection site reactions.

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