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Committing to a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important decisions you can make along the journey to living your best life. Increased confidence, improved general health, and elevated energy levels are just a few of the life enhancements you will find when partnering with Manhattan Medical Arts for our physician-supervised weight loss program.

Sometimes life is hard and losing weight can seem impossible,
But you don’t have to do it alone – contact us today to learn more.

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weight loss service

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You Are Not Alone

Cut through the noise, guilt, and pressure thrown at you by society regarding weight loss – talk directly to our caring physicians who will listen to YOUR goals, YOUR worries and YOUR concerns.

Each person is different and our approach at Manhattan Medical Arts honors your uniqueness as an individual. We understand that weight loss can seem overwhelming, confusing and like a never-ending cycle.

Manhattan Medical Arts is your guide to a successful and safe weight loss journey.

Let’s partner together to cut through the noise and focus on you!

HMR program is one of the most effective weight loss programs suggested by us, and is listed among some of the best weight loss programs.

Weight Management FAQs

What is the role of Primary Care in Weight Loss?

Our team of experts, in which physicians, dietitians, health coaches, and psychologists play their roles according to their expertise, plans a personalized weight loss program NYC to set your diet and meal intake. Our physicians and health coaches will guide you for suitable exercises, and most importantly, since being overweight can make you emotionally unstable, our weight management clinic has psychologists assigned to your mental well-being.

How fast should you expect to lose weight?

We Initiate by checking your BMI using our reliable BMI testing, which then leads us to evaluate the amount of weight you can lose in the safest and healthiest way, in a certain period of time. If the recommended weight loss program is executed in perfect manner, along with the necessary lifestyle changes; you can be successful in losing your extra weight.

Is medication effective in weight loss and is it included in your weight loss program?

We are always honest with patients and we focus on the health of our patients. People think that medications for weight loss are kind of magic pills that will instantly affect them, but that’s not true. Yes, medications are helpful to a degree, but relying only on medications is not a solution. We recommend you to have a healthy lifestyle with proper workouts.

Do You Offer a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program?

At Manhattan Medical Arts, our weight loss center management team helps our patients achieve their desired weight goals with a non-surgical weight loss program. Our physicians and dietitians are clinically proven and certified to help you understand the metabolic system and how it can impact your health positively. Our weight management center provides coaching classes that rely on behavioral and lifestyle modification.

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