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Revolutionizing healthcare – Manhattan Medical Arts is providing a modernized facility of online doctor visits, featuring doctor on demand. Our streamlined, secure, and 100% HIPPA compliant online doctor services allow our patients to conveniently manage their health from the comfort of their homes.

We facilitate our patients by bringing our teledoctors to wherever you may be located, along with accommodating your preferred telehealth appointment schedule.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, our objective is to provide world class virtual care in the most convenient way possible, while ensuring a personalized experience – And we’ve been successful by establishing an unparalleled telehealth appointments.

Virtual Care at Your Fingertips

Leveraging the digital world, Manhattan Medical Arts has expanded to provide virtual care services, with an aim to offer the best primary care services conveniently.

Our board-certified virtual doctors are now just a click away – offering an all-access to our medical facility on your devices, from anywhere in the world.

A busy schedule, inconvenience of traveling, or times of global pandemic lockdown makes it challenging to have an in-person consultation – So, we’ve resorted to providing high-quality virtual care services with the convenience of online doctor visits.

Our telehealth appointments can be instantly scheduled with a single-touch, from anywhere and at anytime – Schedule your telehealth appointment today with our expert teledoctors and have them take care of you.

Why Choose Our Virtual Care?

  • Easy & instant access to healthcare, wherever you may be
  • Cost effective
  • 100% secure, confidential, and HIPAA compliant
  • Convenient care, with preferred telehealth appointments
virtual healthcare
  • Available 24/7
  • Prompt online prescriptions & refills
  • Timely + accessible virtual care, both preventive & ongoing
  • Expert & experienced online doctors
  • Extensive assessments to designate the right teledoctor

Virtual Care Covered By Major Insurances

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we not only save lives but simplify them as well – facilitating our patients by offering to accept majority of the insurance plans.

Some of the insurances covering our telehealth urgent care include:


3 Easy Steps for an Online Doctor Visit

schedule your appointment

Step 1

Instantly schedule your telehealth appointment via ZebDoc – a hassle-free booking for a same-day appointment from any location.

online assistance

Step 2

Once the telehealth appointment is confirmed, you will then receive confirmation details along with a link to get you connected with our online doctors as per schedule.

appointment confirmed

Step 3

Once the virtual doctor visit concludes, you can easily pick up your prescribed online medications (if any) from your nearest local pharmacy.

Commonly Treated Conditions with Virtual Doctor Visit








Online Doctor Pricing – $100

Opting for our online doctor visits can help you save money as well – costing you much less, compared to a walk-in visit to our medical practice for urgent care.

While the exact charges for your virtual doctor visits may vary, depending on your healthcare needs, plan’s details, etc – the standard charges for virtual doctor vistits are $100 for both, new as well as follow-up patients.

Manhattan Medical Arts

Simplifying Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual care?

Virtual care, also known as telehealth or telemedicine, allows you to consult with online doctors remotely through video calls or phone calls, providing convenient access to virtual primary care from the comfort of your home.

Do you accept insurance for a online doctor visit?

Yes, we accept insurance for online doctor visits. Please check with our billing department or your insurance provider for specific coverage details related to telehealth services.

Do I schedule an appointment with a provider?

Yes, scheduling an appointment for a virtual visit is necessary. You can conveniently schedule online or contact our office to arrange a telehealth appointment with one of our providers.

What conditions do Virtual Visits cover?

Virtual Visits can address a wide range of non-emergency medical concerns, including but not limited to minor illnesses, medication refills, follow-up appointments, and certain chronic condition management.

What do I need for a Virtual Visit?

All you need is a device with a camera and microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a reliable internet connection. Our team will guide you through the simple setup process.

How much does a Virtual Visit cost?

The cost of a virtual doctor visit can vary based on your insurance coverage. Please check with our billing department or your insurance provider for specific details regarding telehealth service fees.

Can I receive prescriptions from a Virtual Visit?

Yes, if deemed medically necessary, our providers can electronically send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy following a Virtual Visit.

Is Virtual Care appropriate for every condition?

Virtual care is suitable for many non-emergency medical issues. However, certain conditions may require in-person evaluation. Our healthcare providers will assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate form of care.

What are the most common conditions you care for?

We commonly address minor illnesses (cold, flu, infections), medication management, mental health concerns, follow-up appointments, and chronic condition monitoring through Virtual Visits. However, our providers are equipped to handle a variety of health issues remotely.

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