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Electromyography (EMG)

Have you been suffering from chronic muscular pain?
Has consistent muscle numbness been a constant problem for you?

If so, Manhattan Medical Arts is the best healthcare solutions provider you need. With our state-of-the-art Electromyography (EMG) diagnostic testing service, bundled with a team of industry leading and capable physicians, we make sure to keep your muscles healthy and the nerves strong.

Our team of expert health care physicians and technicians have access to the best EMG testing equipment, allowing them to offer an instant and reliable diagnosis, determining the main grounds for the pain, numbness, cramps, and at times the tingling feeling that you experience in your muscles.

What is an EMG Test?

An electromyography test, generally referred to as an EMG, is an effective testing procedure that evaluates and offers detailed insight into the electrical activities taking place in your muscles, along with the nerve cells that control those muscles. Being responsible for contracting and relaxing the muscles through transmission of electrical signals, these nerve cells are named motor neurons. In order for doctors to evaluate and diagnose any nerve or muscular disorders, an EMG is used to translate those electrical signals into comprehendible graphs or numeric results.

An Electromyography test (EMG), is significantly helpful in identifying health problems that can potentially have adverse effects on the functioning of muscles and nerves, such as:

  • Nerve compression, caused by herniated disc
  • Muscular disorders
  • Neuro disorders
  • Peripheral nerve damage

On top of being helpful in recognizing neuromuscular issues, opting for an EMG test also offers detailed information on the general functioning of your nerves and muscles.

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What Can You Expect During an
Electromyography Test?

Carrying out an EMG test requires our physicians to use a number of electrodes placed on different parts of your body. These electrodes are then placed onto the surface of your skin, in order for the machine to electronically detect and assess the movements of your muscles.

An EMG test is an absolutely risk-free and painless procedure – however, you might experience minimal cramping for a bit, as the electrodes initiate the flow of electrical current into your muscles, allowing the electrodes to gather the required information.

Another form of such testing also involves use of a needle, that becomes the source of electrical current when inserted deep into the muscles. This type of testing process is generally used to guage the activity of nerves, and their reactive nature towards muscle being contracted, as well as being relaxed.

Electromyography doctor

How to Prepare for an

Considering that the electrodes are placed onto the skin for evaluation, it is highly recommended to shower before coming in for the test, making sure that your skin is free of creams, oils, lotions, perfume, etc. Applying any of these items on your skin before the test is strictly prohibited. Secondly, for easy access to appropriately place the electrodes on the required locations, you may also be requested to wear a gown provided by the facility. You will then be asked to lie down for examination, and the testing procedure will begin.

Risks of an EMG Test

Electromyography (EMG) is a completely safe, painless, and risk-free testing procedure. However, you might experience minute cramping once the electrodes send electrical current to your muscles – Also, some patients with sensitive skin might also experience a little bruising when the needle is used to supply electrodes.

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Electromyography Testing at
Manhattan Medical Arts

New York’s leading medical facility, Manhattan Medical Arts, provides state-of-the-art EMG testing, with the objective to evaluate the muscular and neuro health for all.

We work tirelessly to provide high-quality, efficient, and economical health care services, while also maintaining the level of comfort, safety, and extraordinary patient experience that we are known for.

To schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Physicians – Book an appointment online, give us a call (646-454-9000), or visit us at Manhattan Medical Arts.

Manhattan Medical Arts

Boosting Your Neuro & Muscular Health

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