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For Weight Loss

Are you ready to take control of your weight and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you?

Look no further than Wegovy® at Manhattan Medical Arts, a breakthrough medication that can revolutionize your weight loss efforts.

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What is Wegovy

What is Wegovy® And Why You Should Take It?

Wegovy (semaglutide for weight loss) is an FDA-approved prescription medication specifically designed to assist in weight management.

It belongs to a class of medications called GLP-1 receptor agonists and works by successfully mimicking the effects of a specific hormone in your body that is responsible for regulating appetite and food intake.

How Does Wegovy® Work?

Wegovy weight loss injections help you achieve weight loss by acting on areas in your brain that are responsible for controlling your hunger and cravings.

By reducing your appetite, increasing feelings of fullness, and slowing down the emptying of your stomach, Wegovy weight loss injections help you consume fewer calories and make healthier food choices.

Benefits of Wegovy® for Weight Loss

Significant Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Wegovy weight loss injections can lead to substantial weight loss when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity. Everyone who opted Wegovy for weight loss has experienced remarkable improvements in body weight and achieved their weight loss goals.

Enhanced Weight Maintenance

Enhanced Weight

Wegovy weight loss injections not only help you lose weight but also supports weight maintenance after reaching your weight loss target. By facilitating an ongoing appetite control and promoting healthier eating habits, Wegovy weight loss injections aid in sustaining your weight loss success.

Improved Overall Health

Improved Overall

Shedding excess pounds definitely has a profound impact on your overall health as well. Weight loss achieved with Wegovy weight loss shot have proven to be associated with improvements in cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, and other obesity-related conditions, leading to a better quality of life.

Is Wegovy® Right For You?

Wegovy weight loss shot may be suitable for adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 kg/m² or higher who have at least one weight-related comorbidity such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol – or adults with a BMI of 30 kg/m² or higher.

It’s essential to consult our experts in order to determine if Wegovy weight loss injections are the right weight loss solution for you. They will evaluate your medical history, assess your weight loss goals, and provide personalized guidance to help you make an informed decision.


How Much Weight Can You Loose with Wegovy®?

A study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of Wegovy over a duration of 68 weeks. The patients participating in the study who were being given Wegovy weight loss injections, proved to lose more weight than the one’s taking Placebo.

The results showed that:

  • 83% of adults taking Wegovy® lost 5% or more weight, compared to 31% taking placebo
  • 66% of adults taking Wegovy® lost 10% or more weight, compared to 12% taking placebo
  • 48% of adults taking Wegovy® lost 15% or more weight, compared to 5% taking placebo
  • 30% of people taking Wegovy® lost 20% or more weight, compared to 2% of people taking placebo, in a supportive measure

How To Take Wegovy®?

Wegovy® is a special medicine you take once a week to help manage weight. You can take it on the same day every week, at any time, with or without food. There are five different doses of Wegovy®, from 0.25 mg to 2.4 mg, each in a different colored pen. You take one dose a week.

What Are The Most Common Wegovy Side Effects?

The most common Wegovy side effects are inclusive of:
















Abdominal pain

At Manhattan Medical Arts, our experienced healthcare professionals are here to support you on your weight loss journey with Wegovy.

We offer comprehensive consultations, ongoing monitoring, and individualized care to ensure your success and safety throughout the weight loss treatment.

Take the first step towards a healthier future – Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how Wegovy can help you achieve long-lasting weight loss.

With Wegovy® at Manhattan Medical Arts, Your Weight Loss Goals Are Within Reach!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wegovy suitable for?

Wegovy prescriptions are generally for adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 kg/m² or higher who have at least one weight-related comorbidity, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. It may also be prescribed for adults with a BMI of 30 kg/m² or higher.

How is Wegovy administered?

Wegovy weight loss shot are administered once a week as a subcutaneous injection (under the skin). Your healthcare provider will guide you on the proper weight loss shot technique and provide instructions on when and how to administer the medication.

How effective is Wegovy for weight loss?

Clinical studies have shown that Wegovy, when used alongside a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity, can lead to significant weight loss. Many participants in the studies achieved notable improvements in body weight and successfully reached their weight loss goals.

Are there any Wegovy side effects?

Like any medication, Wegovy may have side effects. The most common side effects reported include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and abdominal pain. These Wegovy side effects are generally mild and tend to diminish over time.

How long should I take Wegovy?

The duration of Wegovy weight loss treatment may vary depending on individual goals and medical advice. Your healthcare provider will assess your progress and determine the appropriate length of weight loss treatment to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Is Wegovy a standalone weight loss treatment?

Wegovy is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive weight management plan that includes a reduced-calorie diet, increased physical activity, and behavior modification. It is essential to adopt a holistic approach to achieve and maintain weight loss successfully.

Is Wegovy covered by my insurance?

While many insurance companies cover weight management, but even if your health insurance does not cover Wegovy®, you might still be able to gain coverage for it.

How long do you take Wegovy for weight loss?

Studies indicate that taking semaglutide for weight loss (at 2.4 mg) can help you lose about 16% of your body weight, which is roughly 16-17 kilograms, within 68 weeks. The most significant weight loss usually happens in the first 32 weeks, about 9 months.

What happens when you stop taking wegovy?

Once you stop taking Wegovy, you might feel more hungry. To prevent gaining weight, try to keep eating less, even though it might be a bit challenging. Finding ways to feel full without eating too many calories is key. Some find that eating more protein helps, while others feel full with a diet higher in fiber.

How long does Wegovy stay in the system?

Wegovy stays in the body for about 5–7 weeks after the last dose.

How long do the side effects of Wegovy last?

Usually, the small side effects get better in a few days to a couple of weeks. But if they get worse or don’t go away after two weeks, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

How does Wegovy work for weight loss?

Wegovy works similar to a hormone in your brain called GLP-1, which controls your appetite. By acting like GLP-1, Wegovy can help you eat less, leading to weight loss and better weight control in the long run.

What are the requirements to qualify for Wegovy?

The FDA said yes to Wegovy for folks with obesity, those with a BMI of 30 or more. It’s also okay for overweight people, with a BMI of 27 or more, who have health issues because of their weight.

When does Wegovy start working?

Wegovy gets going as soon as you inject it, but it might take a few weeks or months before you see changes in your appetite or weight.

Is Wegovy approved for weight loss?

Wegovy is a weight loss shot that you take every week. It got the thumbs up from the FDA in 2021 for long-term weight management. It’s the first drug given the green light for this since 2014.

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