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Women’s Health Care

The Best of Manhattan, NYC

Being a woman comes with unique healthcare needs at every stage of life that require special attention – From bearing a child, going through a menopause, and into their older years; women’s health management requires timely and undivided attention.

The expert women’s health doctors at Manhattan Medical Arts possess an in-depth understanding of women’s health and the related changes – Regardless of the stage of life and their specific health concerns, we ensure comprehensive and personalized health care services, enabling you to make an informed decisions.

Womens care doctor
Womens care doctor

A Caring Women-Led Team

Syra Hanif M.D, being the head physician at Manhattan Medical Arts, has always led the team by example – She is a compassionate, highly skilled, and an experienced primary care physician, while also being a specialist in women’s health and family medicine.

With an objective to provide only the best women’s health services, she focuses on developing trusted and long lasting patient relationships by learning the patient’s situation, while ensuring a comforting experience.

Being a woman herself – she has displayed unmatched devotion, knowledge, and empathy for all her female patients. Also consulting, advising, and encouraging them to opt for preventive health management, such as regular screenings and specific health testing; shielding them from major health concerns.

Women’s Health Services We Offer

Whether you’re experiencing specific health concerns, or just need to come in for a routine check-up – We provide a wide array of women’s health services:

Family Planning

Patient Education

Mammogram Referrals

Cancer Screening

Pap Smears &
HPV Testing

Diagnosis and Treatment
of Vaginal Discharge

Testing and Treatment


UTI Treatment

STD Testing
and Treatment

Why Choose Us
for Women’s Health?

At our leading women’s clinic, our board-certified team is consistently dedicated to provide exceptional experience throughout your health care journey. 

We invest ourselves in making sure that you’re at ease and are confident that our center for women’s health has the experience and all the knowledge needed to help you with the hormonal, physical, as well as emotional changes that you may experience as your body develops.

Most of our new patients have been learning and relying on us, through solid recommendations and referrals; reflecting the high-quality health care services we offer.

Womens health nyc
Womens health nyc

Are You Covered?

Manhattan Medical Arts

Providing The Healthcare You Deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does this women's clinic provide?

Our women’s clinic offers a wide range of services that are tailored to individual women’s health needs, including preventive care, family planning, gynecological exams, and specialized consultations.

How often should I schedule a routine gynecological exam?

At our center for women’s health, it is generally recommended to have a routine gynecological exam annually. However, while individual women’s health needs may vary, your healthcare provider will guide you on the most appropriate schedule for your circumstances.

How can I schedule an appointment at the women's clinic?

Scheduling an appointment is very easy at our women’s health center. You can use our online appointment scheduling system to choose a convenient time for your visit or you can also call our clinic directly.

What measures does your women’s health center take to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality?

Patient privacy is a top priority when it comes to women’s health care. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines, and the staff is trained to respect and protect your personal health information at our women’s clinic.

Are telehealth services available at this women’s health clinic?

Yes, we understand the importance of accessibility. Telehealth is an integral part of our services, allowing you to connect with our women’s health doctors from the comfort of your home.

What preventive screenings are important for women's health?

Experts at our women’s clinic advise that regular screenings such as Pap smears, mammograms, and bone density tests are crucial for early detection and prevention. Our center for women’s health will create a personalized screening plan based on your age, health history, and risk factors.

Does this women’s clinic accept insurance, and what are the payment options available?

We accept a variety of insurance plans at Manhattan Medical Arts. Please check with our billing department or your insurance provider for details specific to women’ health. Additionally, we offer various payment options for self-pay patients.

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