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Insomnia Testing

One sleepless night can lead to countless sleepless nights; causing lethargy, restlessness, and even anxiety, if severe enough.You cannot fall asleep, nor can you stay up during the day; your daily schedule is in shambles, and you cannot understand why.

Wondering what exactly is keeping you up at night?

While you might blame your sudden sleeplessness on your messed-up daily schedule, there must be more to it than catches the eye. Emotional instability, stress at work, family grievances, or underlying mental or physical illnesses can give rise to insomnia.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we aim to help you get rid of those sleepless nights by taking the first step towards propertreatment – and we are proud of having you here.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the inability or difficulty in falling asleep or remaining asleep for a long time. Around 50-70 million Americans suffer from insomnia. It is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of an underlying disease which varies from a person to person.

Insomnia, while sometimes manageable, can get debilitating for people suffering from it in the long term, resulting in reduced productivity, depression, stress, and a sundry of other mental and physical health issues.


How Can Insomnia Be Diagnosed?

There are a variety of tests for diagnosing insomnia, from keeping a sleep diary to polysomnography.
These tests are designed to diagnose different reasons of insomnia which then further helps with the treatment. Manhattan Medical Arts is equipped with the facilities to provide these tests to the people who require them.

Sleep Diary

B-Epworth Sleep Scale


Mental Health

Treating Insomnia at
Manhattan Medical Arts

Not getting enough sleep is an issue that paves the way for cognitive decline. Just because insomnia is influenced
by external factors surrounding you, we fear you might become conditioned to your irregular sleep pattern.

Manhattan Medical Arts employs the best in sleep medicine technology to test and diagnose your sleep deprivation. Working with different disciplines of medicine such as pulmonology, neurology, and behavioral medicine, Manhattan Medical Arts aims to customize a treatment plan that can help you get the sleep you deserve every night.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we believe there is no one-treatment-for-all while treating sleep disorders, which is why our staff of sleep medicine specialists make the extra effort to understand the root cause behind your insomnia.

From stimulus control to bright light therapy, psychotherapy to cognitive behavioral therapy, or meditation techniques to deep breathing or relaxation exercises, treating your sleep disorder is just a step away at Manhattan Medical Arts.

Book an appointment or visit us at Manhattan Medical Arts and get your insomnia treated right away!

Manhattan Medical Arts

A Better Sleep Awaits You

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