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Stress Test

Your heart is an extra-ordinary and vital organ of the human body that requires optimal care and attention.
Our dedicated team of specialists specialized in cardiac stress testing, a vital diagnostic tool designed to assess how your heart performs under physical exertion.

What is a Stress Test?

A cardiac stress test, also known as an Exercise Test or Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG), is a diagnostic procedure that evaluates how well your heart performs during strenuous physical activity.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we understand the significance of a healthy heart. Our cardiac stress test aims to evaluate the heart’s response to increased activity, helping to detect underlying cardiovascular conditions and assess your overall cardiac health.

What Does a
Stress Test Show?

Our stress testing services provides valuable insights into:

Cardiac Function

Evaluates the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently during increased physical activity.

Blood Flow

Highlights any blockages or restrictions in the arteries that may not be evident at rest.

Heart Rhythm

Identifies irregular heart rhythm that may become apparent during exercise.

Types of Stress Tests

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we offer a range of stress tests tailored to meet individual needs. Explore the different types of stress tests we provide, each offering unique insights into your cardiovascular well-being.

Exercise Stress Test

Nuclear Stress Test


Pharmacological Stress Test

Preparing for a Stress Test

Preparing for a Stress Test is straightforward and typically involves:


Wear loose, comfortable clothing and sneakers suitable for exercise.


Follow any specific instructions regarding the continuation or temporary suspension of medications.

Our team of experts will provide personalized instructions tailored to your individual health needs.

What Happens During a Stress Test?

During the Stress Test, you are required to be connected to an ECG machine, and baseline readings will be taken while you’re at rest.

Subsequently, you will gradually increase your physical activity, either by walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike.

Throughout the test, your heart’s electrical activity, blood pressure, and symptoms will be monitored to assess its performance under stress.

What Happens After a Stress Test?

After the Stress Test, our healthcare professionals will analyze the data that has been collected, in order to provide a detailed and in-depth evaluation.

The results will then guide our healthcare experts in developing a personalized custom plan to address the concerns that have been identified and ensure the ongoing well-being of your heart.

Choosing the right testing service is very important for your heart’s health, and Manhattan Medical Arts is your trusted partner in NYC.

Our Stress Test services combine cutting-edge technology with compassionate care, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your cardiovascular vitality.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, we believe in proactive healthcare that empowers you to take control of your heart health.

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