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The world is constantly changing to become an increasingly stressful and overwhelming place. We are a part of very stressful times, and stresses in both personal and professional environments are skyrocketing, with more & more people breaking down and employees experiencing workplace burnouts.

No one deserves to feel these horrible emotions, so if you are someone who is dealing with stressful conditions regularly, while feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted – Manhattan Medical Arts’ Center for Mind-Body Medicine is the perfect place for you, where we provide mental, emotional, and physical help in the most effective ways possible.

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The Mind-Body Connection

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The Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is an integral part of our existence. Our every emotion, feeling, thought, or idea has an impact on our physiological functioning. Our body has a specialized chemical language and it has been established that emotions, thoughts, and perceptions are also translated into this language, which then has a strong impact on the biological functions of our body, regulating hormone release and even immunity.

Stress Against Mental & Physical Health

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Stress Against Mental &
Physical Health

Psychological stress is bound to have detrimental effects, not only on mental health but on our physical health too. Mental disorders like anxiety, depression, phobias, and substance abuse are not the only ailments that get worse when combined with stress – there are various other physical conditions as well, like hypertension, gastric disorders, and low immunity that are also exacerbated by stress.


  • Brighter Mood
  • Mental Clarity and
    Improved Memory
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Better Sleep

Establishing Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection has been studied extensively, and various neuroscientists have identified very real effects of psychological stress on our body.

George Solomon, who was a psychiatrist, identified in 1964 that patients with rheumatoid arthritis had a much more difficult disease course if they suffered from psychological conditions like anxiety or depression, and also had much more inflammation.

This observation led to the belief that stressors have an impact on immunity and the immune system. Later on the
effects of stressors on blood pressure and other physical conditions were identified, and the belief that the mind
affects our body kept getting stronger.


Strengthening The Mind-Body Relation

Mind-Body Relation

Strengthening The
Mind-Body Relation

Professionals at Manhattan Medical Arts strongly believe and advocate the impacts of stress on our health – keeping this in consideration, our specialists are dedicated to help patients strengthen their mind-body connection, which eventually leads to a healthier mind as well as body.

Mind-Body Techniques
at Manhattan Medical Arts

We offer a variety of mind-body techniques, tailored specifically to every patient’s needs.


This mind-body technique is capable of treating several physical conditions, but the patients with chronic pain conditions tend to benefit the most from it. A wide range of patients with tension and migraine headaches, along with neuropathic and chronic pain can vouch for this mind-body technique to be effective.

At Manhattan Medical Arts, our expert physicians use biofeedback to train patients to control their bodily processes that are involuntary and in doing so, better their physical ailments.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works especially well for patients suffering from phobias and psychiatric conditions like OCD.

In this therapeutic technique, patients are made to face their fears and predicaments under the supervision of our trained physicians, and doing this repeatedly in a controlled environment helps them combat negative feelings and emotions.

Tired of struggling to maintain your mental and physical health?
Visit Manhattan Medical Arts for the most holistic healthcare solution!

For more information & further inquiries on our Mind-Body Medicine – Reach out to us via call & email, schedule an appointment online, or visit our practice today for a healthy tomorrow.

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