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Rise in STD Rates

Rise in Post Pandemic STD Rates: There Is To Know

Doctors and health experts have been warning us all against an upcoming post-pandemic health crisis, as now we’ve emerged from the deadly coronavirus pandemic. A possible crisis of another deadly infection, i.e. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Most of the population had already discarded their masks and safety precautions that they had been so particular about to save their lives – in preparation for a post-pandemic comeback to the world with freedom in outdoors, party, drinking, and joy in form of casual sex.

Everyone had been furiously dedicated to making up for the lost time that the pandemic consumed – and had been extremely thrilled to be able to go out again, dress up, and look good. However, a warning had been issued by the public health experts in regard to the severe outbreak of Sexually transmitted diseases, which as expected had already been surfacing, rapidly increasing the post-pandemic std rates.

Sexually transmitted diseases have only seen a rapid increase over the past several years. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, upwards of 2.5 million cases were reported only in the year 2019. Since then the reported cases of the STD Chlamydia have seen a rise of 19 percent, while another common STD i.e. Gonorrhea hiked by 56 percent; and topping both of these, Syphilis being the most common of them all, was seen being increased by shocking 74 percent.

This rise in std rates over a consecutive period of six years was said to be the highest increase seen in the history of America. Contrary to the popular perception, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic further fueled this constant rise in std rates, as the number of people getting themselves tested for Sexually transmitted diseases, dropped drastically due to the shuttered testing clinics. However, even when these clinics resumed their operations, the majority of the people were still hesitant and reluctant to leave their homes to go to a primary care physician for a routine checkup.

A study was conducted in May of 2020, which showed a massive downwards trend in the number of screenings carried out for Sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S – It had gone down by 40 percent from when the pandemic hit us in late February’20, up to April’20. While the testing was then again seen to be resumed in June of 2020, which also showed the rise in std rates, and people testing positive for gonorrhea and chlamydia in specific – Since the screening hindrances caused people to take a break from getting themselves tested, they certainly did not refrain from having sexual intercourse.

Once the vaccinations were introduced and everyone started getting vaccinated, it started to give them a sense of security and confidence of being safe against the danger that had loomed over their heads for so long; so people began to resume all their daily activities, out of which the most anticipated one was “dating”

Now the people who contracted STDs during the duration of the pandemic but never even got tested for them, either due to the unavailability of STD testing clinics or out of fear of going out during the coronavirus; now they carry undiagnosed and untreated STIs started spreading, giving a further rise in std rates.

If you recognize any of the symptoms we outlined above in yourself or your partner, you must find a Family care doctor near me immediately to get a cure as soon as possible. Even if you’re unsure as to whether the symptoms qualify, it’s always better to be cautious and seek emergency care.

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