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Thomas Militana, M.D.


Dr. Thomas Militana, is an accomplished and highly acclaimed medical practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in the field of internal medicine. He earned his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine and completed his internal medicine residency at New York Medical College, where he currently holds the position of Clinical Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Militana has a deep-rooted passion for delivering exceptional health care services to his patients, as evidenced by his extensive experience in treating outpatient, long-term, and acute care patients. He has also demonstrated leadership qualities and has been involved in establishing policies and procedures to maintain a high-quality medical environment in his practice.

In recognition of his remarkable service as a preceptor, Dr. Militana was awarded the Medical Education Award in 2019 by New York Medical College.

Dr. Thomas Militana, MD
Dr. Thomas Militana, MD
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Primary Care
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Internal Medicine

Primary Care
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Primary Care


Vascular and pulmonary care for patients that suffer from heart and vascular conditions.

Primary Care

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American Board of Internal Medicine



Ross University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine


New York Medical College, Westchester Medical Center, Residency in Internal Medicine

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