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Same Day RT-PCR
COVID-19 Test


Are you traveling tomorrow? Or do you need a negative COVID-19 test result before you show up for work? If you are in urgent need of a COVID-19 negative test result, get tested at our state-of-the-art facility and receive the COVID results on the same day. We offer the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test, which is a molecular test that uses polymerase chain reaction technology (RT-PCR) for the detection of active SARS COVID-19. Rt-PCR testing is the most widely accepted method of testing and our tests meet the standards set by the FDA. This quick coronavirus test is conducted using a nasal swab sample.

COVID-19 RT-PCR testing provides definitive evidence of a COVID-19 negative result for travel purposes along with a PCR certificate authenticating that you have been tested negative for COVID-19.

Same day PCR Test Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for our same day COVID test is 8-14 hours after our healthcare professionals have taken your nasal swab sample at the clinic.

Same day PCR Test Cost

The cost of our same day RT-PCR test is as low as $190.

When should I consider the same day COVID-19 PCR test?

If you are making travel plans, you might already be aware that many airline and travel destinations now require a negative PCR test result you can obtain your boarding pass. If you are traveling very soon and need to get immediate and fast COVID-19 test results, you should consider and safe and quick same day RT-PCR test.

Besides that, a same day Covid-19 test result offers the much-needed reassurance or quickly confirms a suspected case, which means you’ll get peace of mind quickly so you can go about your business and if you have tested positive, it allows you to take preventive measures more quickly.

How to Schedule the Same Day COVID Test?

You can schedule an appointment by visiting our facility in Manhattan, NYC, or by calling us at  +1-646-454-9000. You can book an appointment online after which you’ll receive a confirmation call and you’ll be given a time on which you have to come to the facility in order to get tested.

How to Get Immediate COVID Test Results?

We are a testing center in Manhattan, if you are looking for fast COVID testing near me visit our facility. We as expert healthcare providers have strong control over the testing pathway from swab to results, which prevents delays that can come along. We ensure we use safe and thorough methods of transporting swab samples to the laboratory. We make sure the timeline set by us is followed rigorously ensuring timely and quick COVID test results.

Positive Test Result

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, our expert physicians will contact you. You will be advised to quarantine immediately and follow all the guidelines NYC health department.

You are not required to get tested again for at least 90 days after you first started exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms. People may test positive for weeks or months after infection, even though they are not contagious. If you are an older adult, or if your child was the one who tested positive for COVID, our healthcare provider may give you more instructions to stay safe and continue care.