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Vaccine Passport

Vaccine Passport – Everything You Need To Know

The pandemic is still quite prevalent with a rapid rise in cases in some countries and with the discovery of a couple of new COVID-19 variants, the threat of the coronavirus still exists. Despite this people around the world are making efforts to get back to how it used to be before the virus struck the world. One of these efforts includes getting people vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines came out in late 2020 and since then all the countries are tirelessly working towards achieving herd immunity.

Since people are finally getting vaccinated they are not required to adhere to some of the restrictions set by the government and that includes international traveling. Although some countries are still skeptical about opening their borders and letting tourists in but at the same time the said countries want to revive their tourist industry. Due to this few countries now require digital documentation like a vaccination card or vaccine passport showing that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is proof that the bearer has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and can travel to the country that has declared COVID passports as a requisite for travel. Some forms of vaccine passports will also show that the bearer has tested negative for the virus, and therefore can travel more easily without quarantining. This version of the vaccine passport has been worked on by airlines requiring COVID vaccine passports, nonprofits, and technology companies. You will be able to access this digital passport via your mobile phone as an app or it can be a part of your digital wallet.

What is a vaccination card?

A vaccination card is what you receive after you have gotten a shot of the vaccine. Many public officials have said that the people who are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 are also receiving COVID-19 vaccine cards after they’re first to keep track of who has received the shot and help people follow through with the second dose of their vaccination schedule. This vaccination card is a part of the vaccine kit. These vaccination cards can also be used as proof that the bearer has been vaccinated.

Do I need a vaccine passport or pass to travel?

Vaccine passports will eventually be required for most international flights. The World Health Organization already had yellow fever vaccine certificates in place as documented proof of vaccination for the disease. And it is this certificate that is a prerequisite for traveling to some countries. The United States now needs a document from people coming to the country confirming a negative test for COVID-19, so a digital health passport isn’t much of a leap.

Have vaccine passports existed in the past? 

Proof of vaccines has existed for a long time. In the late 19th century passengers were required to provide evidence that they had been vaccinated from smallpox. The United States’ long fight against smallpox has shown that a system like this can benefit the people and the world in the long run. To this day there are some vaccination certificates that are still required to travel to some countries. For example, the yellow fever vaccination card is also referred to as Carte Jaune.

Why do right-wingers want to ban digital vaccine passports?

Right-wingers are generally people who support social-economic conservatism. Such people were previously skeptical about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. They now are standing against the introduction of vaccine passports. Many public health officials say that the right-wingers are applying culture war logic to stop the people from getting back to normal. The Florida government is amongst the latest political bodies to speak against vaccine passports.

The only state that is currently using vaccine passports in the USA is New York. It is known as the Excelsior Pass in which the details about the bearer’s vaccine and his/her COVID-19 test information are stored. Some airline companies like Air New Zealand are also experimenting with health passes.

Bottom Line.

COVID vaccines for travel have garnered the attention of a lot of people around the world including public health officials. These measures seem to be an important part of getting the world back to the way it was.

There are some other certificates that have existed since last year which have made it easier for people to travel. Manhattan Medical Arts offer PCR test for travel which was and still is in some areas a requisite for travel. We are also administrating the COVID-19 vaccine so if you want to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones get vaccinated now.  

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