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Red Cross Month

Red Cross Month: Honoring Lifesavers This March

From tending to 180 emergencies in 24 hours to providing relief to a minimum of 64,000 disasters annually, the American Red Cross holds pivotal importance in America’s robust healthcare system. Nevertheless, the American Red Cross has been providing first aid services to war victims, veterans, refugees, and people requiring immediate care during emergencies for over 8 decades.

History of the American Red Cross in check

Motto: In War, Charity

The American Red Cross is an organization that was kickstarted in America by Clara Barton in the 1800s. The Red Cross, however, owes its success to its roots in Geneva, Switzerland, when Henry Dunant founded the International Committee of The Red Cross to provide relief to injured war veterans. 

The law declaring the American Red Cross as a legal and authorized unit was passed in the 1900s which facilitated humanity in more ways than one. In 1941, during Roosevelt’s regime, March became a historical month in America when it became known as the ‘Red Cross Month’. Ever since then, the Red Cross has not only indulged in diverting crises 24 hours a day but has also allotted trained officials to provide certified first aid courses and workshops to its volunteers.

It would be unjust to speak of the Red Cross without commending its blood donor program that was set up in the 1940s. The Red Cross collects and provides over 40% of blood donations in all of America, making the organization the ultimate beacon of hope for patients in trauma. 

How Should We Give Back to the Red Cross?

While the acknowledgment of the selfless services of the Red Cross is appreciable, there are more ways to honor the Red Cross volunteers as well. The Red Cross has a motto that believes in abetting charity during the worst of times. The lifesaving services offered by the Red Cross might benefit from appreciation and awareness, but it is time to give back to express our gratitude wholeheartedly.

Learn First Aid Services

While the Red Cross is right at your beck and call apart from 911, we as American citizens should realize our privilege and learn the basics of first aid before help arrives in due time. The Red Cross offers lifesaving skills such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Basic Life Skills (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) amidst a host of other programs. 

The Red Cross offers online class programs as well, which makes it easier for anyone to learn basic life skills while staying at home. Its courses range from $20 – $120, but the knowledge acquired through the programs is worthy of an investment. Visit today to register so that you can brush on your basic life support skills and help save a life. 

Donate Blood to Save Lives

The Red Cross is reputed for holding blood drives almost every other day across America. You can find a blood drive within your vicinity by visiting their website and booking an appointment for one that best suits your needs. You can also apply at the Red Cross to hold your own blood drive or volunteer as a transportation specialist to help deliver the blood where required. 

By donating blood or platelets to the Red Cross, you might not only help countless patients to combat cancer and morbid blood disease but also earn the satisfaction that comes after saving a life. Donate to Charity

This Giving Day, simply donate. March 23rd is entitled to be the ‘Giving Day’ for the Red Cross. Hundreds of thousands of Americans come together to make this day worthwhile by donating funds that are assured to help millions in need. 

The Red Cross appreciates funds in any amount and allows you to choose the charity you wish to support. From organizing blood drives to providing funds for relief kits, shelter, food, and psychological assistance, the Red Cross is uniting the world in moments of need.

The Final Verdict

The Red Cross functions on a clear-cut motto: humanity without borders. As per its vision statement, the American Red Cross leaves no stones unturned in helping its fellow Americans in times of need. From abetting charity to providing shelter, food, and rescue items to refugees and veterans, Red Cross volunteers are working day and night to acquire internal satisfaction and appreciation.

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