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Pre-Employment Physical

Pre-Employment Physical

Many companies that require a physical medical permit for their employees typically require new hires to be screened for pre-employment. The purpose of physical activity is to ensure that the applicant’s health complies with work-related requirements. A physical examination can be very simple, fast, complex, or long, depending on the requirements. Sources: 3

Physical outcomes before employment often help employers assess the skills and abilities of future employees, but they must always be kept confidential, and such outcomes should not be used to discriminate against workers. Apart from this, companies must set up so-called adequate accommodation for employees with disabilities. Pre-employment physicals also help employers improve working conditions by eliminating ergonomic risk factors that could cause injury in the workplace. Sources: 4

Suppose the employer wants to have a health screening in the workplace this week and wants to know whether it is okay to test certain conditions or not. Medical tests are carried out to determine the health status of the applicant, including conditions of which he may not be aware. For example, the TB (tuberculosis) vaccination test includes TB and tuberculosis immunizations and tests in the employee health facility. Sources: 1, 2

The physical examination should assess whether the person is currently able to fulfill the duties of the job without accommodation. In order to make this assessment, the doctor performing the examination must have a clear understanding of professional obligations and conditions. This should be done immediately following a conditional offer of employment and no later than two weeks before recruitment. Sources: 1 Your primary care provider will tailor your pre-workplace health check in relation to the work you are hired for. Sources: 0

Sometimes, pre-employment can detect potential illnesses or chronic illnesses that could prevent someone from doing the job adequately. Although it may indicate whether the current management program is effective or not, it may also indicate that a chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, or other health problems, exists. Sources: 5

For example, the employer can indicate the physical conditions of the job and ask whether the applicant can lift a certain weight. An employer may also require applicants to describe and demonstrate their ability to perform a certain function in order to expand an offer. Some employers may also require an applicant to take a physical agility or fitness test to demonstrate the ability to perform work functions, although this test is not considered a pre-employment physical test, an assessment of a candidate’s physical ability. Sources: 1

When you are considering a new job, you need to have a physical pre-occupation that potential employees get to make sure they’re on the right foot. The most common types of permits are physical ones, including a medical one, a background check, and psychological screening, to name a few. Sources: 5, 7

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