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What Can Mimic Kidney Stone Pain?

May 25th, 2023 | Category: Informative

Kidney stone pain is often described as one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences a person can endure. However, there are a handful of other...

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10 Best Foods for Kids to Eat in Breakfast

September 17th, 2019 | Category: Healthy Food

Breakfast is the first meal of your day. Ideally, it should be enriched with nutritious and healthy food items. Many people these days skip breakfast,...

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Nine Healthy Habits to Develop For This Winter

September 13th, 2019 | Category: Healthy Food

For some people, the winter season is their favorite time of the year. Yet, some others find this period of the year more challenging and...

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How to Continue Dieting Without Changing your Lifestyle

September 5th, 2019 | Category: Healthy Food

Every individual desires to live a healthy life and to eat whatever one wants without gaining weight. To achieve this dream of maintaining your weight...

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Ten Most Effective Body Workouts for Women

September 4th, 2019 | Category: Women Health

One of the most common quotations by health experts says that the best exercise one can do is the one that one does not do....

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Can Reduced Sleep Decrease The Span Of Your Work Life?

September 3rd, 2019 | Category: Mental Health

Work in an efficient manner and professional competency has remained the focus of discussion in research and business spheres throughout history. Sleep plays a very...

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Facts You Need to Know about Diabetes

August 28th, 2019 | Category: Preventive care

Diabetes is a disease in which the function of processing the glucose level in the blood gets altered. This blood glucose is also termed blood...

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