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Primary Care Physician in
Manhattan, NYC

Led by Syra Hanif, M.D. and her dedicated team of primary care physicians, Manhattan Medical Arts proudly serves the community by providing a streamlined, stress-free, and personalized healthcare experience at multiple locations.

As the leading primary care service provider in New York, we offer a wide range of services and specialties, along with 24/7 booking availability, online appointment scheduling, and telemedicine for convenient and secure healthcare management.

Where in Manhattan?

You can find us right in the middle of Manhattan at 492, 6th Avenue. Our practice is super accessible, being located in between Greenwich Village and Union Square.

Primary Care Physician
Near You

Manhattan Medical Arts automatically becomes the top choice for anyone who is in Manhattan, NYC and is searching for “Primary Care Physician Near Me”, “Primary Care Doctor Near Me”, or other specialists and specialties.

Prioritize your health with our industry-leading physicians, a proven track record, a patient-centric approach, 100% secure HIPAA-compliant practice, and a convenient location.

Route Details

Here are the train routes leading to Manhattan Medical Arts:

  • D, B, A,C,E trains stop at West 4th street station
  • F,M,1,2,3 trains stop at 14st and 6th Ave station


Here are the nearest landmarks to Manhattan Medical Arts:

  • Murrays Bagels
  • Union Square
  • Greenwich Village
  • Mulry Square
  • Patchin Place
  • Washington Square Park

About Manhattan, NewYork

Manhattan is one of five boroughs of New York City and has the same boundaries as New York County.

Manhattan has an estimated population of 1.66 million people, all living in an area of just 23 square miles. This gives Manhattan a population density of 70,826 people per square mile.

Most of the borough consists of Manhattan Island, which is bounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers, along with some land on the mainland and small islands.

Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, neon-lit Times Square and the theaters of Broadway

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