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COVID 19 Vaccine Fears

COVID 19 Vaccine Fears and How to Overcome Them

The Covid-19 pandemic has become so widespread now that it has affected nearly 103 million people worldwide with 500,000 cases coming in every day across the globe. Since the start of this global crisis, all major health organizations around the world have been researching and working tirelessly to develop a vaccine and there have been successful developments with Pfizer’s BioNTech and Moderna’s Covid 19 vaccine and many more are in their final stages of development.

Health organizations around the world have broken records by developing a vaccine within this year. Previously the record for developing a vaccine was 4 years for mumps. The problem now is how many people would be willing to receive these vaccines? People around the world are hesitant or completely opposed to receiving it. According to a study conducted by Hospital Healthcare Europe nearly one-fifth of the global population is or will resist the vaccine. So what exactly is driving the unwillingness of people to receive the vaccines?

The Pandemic is a Hoax

The first driver can be people not believing or acknowledging the existence of Coronavirus at all. There are some people in the world who believe the entire pandemic to be a political scam. Then there are some people who are just not that concerned or worried about being sick. Even the ones who consider Covid-19 a threat, there is a sort of distrust on the effectiveness of the vaccines.

The Vaccine is Not Fully Developed

Another reason can be the lack of faith and confidence in the world officials who are making reckless decisions regarding the pandemic. Some people around the world believe that world leaders and functionaries are recklessly speeding up the process of developing a vaccine which might lead to them not considering all the factors and approving a vaccine that may not be effective or worst, be dangerous.

The Vaccine Side Effects

Some people even have a wait-and-see attitude, they want to wait until the vaccine has been available for a while to see if there are any major problems or adverse effects. There are some side effects attached to the doses but they are said to subside after a few days.

How to Overcome these Fears?

Covid-19 has existed for over a year. The healthcare officials now have a lot of information that they need to reveal to the public in a constructive manner to avoid confusion so that the world understands what the virus actually is, how the vaccine can help prevent them from having it, and most importantly how exactly the vaccine will work when a person will be injected with it. Awareness lessens confusion, which then leads to trust and that is what the people need to develop to overcome their unwillingness to receive the vaccines.

Final Thought

Vaccines protect individuals from diseases, but whenever the world has faced a pandemic, people have been skeptical about whether they would take the vaccine or not, mainly because there is confusion amongst the people about the disease itself. Visit Manhattan Medical Arts today and know everything you deserve to know before getting tested or vaccinated for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

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