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Cardiology Care Services

Addition of Dennis Ehrich M.D. Strengthens Cardiology Care Services in West Village New York 

Manhattan Medical Arts welcomes a new cardiologist to the family – Dennis Ehrich M.D., a highly skilled practitioner, and valuable addition to our medical facility.

Mr. Dennis Ehrich graduated from the Suny College of Medicine in Syracuse, before being trained in Internal Medicine on the Second and Fourth Medical Services at the Boston City Hospital, and then moved on for further training as a Cardiologist at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.

Prior to practicing in Syracuse, he had the honor of serving as a Naval Medical Officer and Cardiologist at The Naval Regional Medical Center, San Diego.

Considering his extensive experience in office-based as well as in-hospital cardiology clinics, he possesses an in-depth knowledge of his field, which has enabled him to deliver exceptional results.

He has also served as the Vice President for Medical Affairs at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Having such a vast and impressive tenure, he knows how to bring staff together and cultivate a healthy and productive environment.

“I am delighted to be on board with Manhattan Medical Arts, a modern facility that caught my attention. This medical practice ensures that their patients receive the best healthcare services and exceptional patient experience without any obstruction. They make healthcare services easy and approachable for everyone.” said Dennis Ehrich, M.D.

Dennis Ehrich M.D. will undoubtedly be an incredible asset with his proven past record of dedication to his patience, experience, and skillset. He believes in bringing innovative ideas to the table when faced with challenging cases, something that can elevate Manhattan Medical Arts to the next level of healthcare services. He believes and is able to cure and connect with his patients, an ability that is scarce.

His dedication and consistency during his entire tenure have equipped him with skills that enable him to serve with safe and contemporary care.

His smooth and seamless transition into his new role at Manhattan Medical Arts is evidence itself that Dennis Ehrich M.D. is not just the winner in his field but also a team player and a person with excellent communication skills. With him on board, Manhattan Medical Arts expect to reach the heights of new success while unlocking innovative ways in the process.

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