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Editorial Policy – Manhattan Medical Arts

At the Manhattan Medical Arts, we’re not just about white coats and stethoscopes; we’re about people – people like you and your loved ones.

As New York’s leading medical facility, we’re your go-to folks for trustworthy health information. Whether you’re just curious, managing a condition, or up late looking for answers, we’re your 24/7 resource.

Our Editorial Process

Every word that you read here has been crafted by our squad of professional medical writers. They’re the real deal— with hearts of gold and brains packed with health know-how. They dig into topics with passion, because, just like us, they want you to keep turning the pages.

As an academic medical center that’s all about the evidence, we don’t just say it, we show it. Our articles are chock-full of research you can check out yourself. And if there’s a health myth floating around out there, you bet we’re on a mission to bust it.

Before any of our article hits your screen, it’s passed through our healthcare providers, who give it the once-over for medical accuracy. Then eventually, our top-tier Editors give it the green light for clarity and correctness.

Spotted a date on our articles? That’s our way of saying, “This is the latest intel.” But things change, and we’re always on the ball, updating our content so it’s fresh and factual.

Our Promise to You

When it comes to healthcare, we’re serious about the “do no harm” rule, and that goes for our words, too. The last thing we want is for language to be a barrier. So we choose our words with care, like we’re choosing a gift for a friend.

Here’s the scoop: We use person-first language because we see you, not just your health concerns. But hey, if you prefer identity-first language, we get that, and we respect it. Since we can’t ask each of you personally, we just go with what most folks prefer. And remember, we’re always assuming the best about each other.

Language is a tricky thing—it’s always on the move, changing like the seasons. That’s why our editorial policy gets a check-up every year. We want to stay sharp, current, and most importantly, connected to you.

For any concern or suggestions you might have, shoot us an email at [email protected].