Elizabeth Matthew, M.D.


Dr. Elizabeth Matthew is a highly esteemed neurologist, known for her expertise in the field of neurology. With an unwavering passion for understanding as well as successfully treating disorders of the nervous system, she has dedicated her career to improving the lives of her patients through compassionate care and innovative medical solutions.

Dr. Matthew completed her medical degree at a renowned institution, where her commitment to academic excellence and a deep fascination with the intricacies of the human brain became apparent. Recognizing her exceptional talent, led her to specialize in neurology during her residency and advanced fellowship training.

Throughout her career, Dr. Matthew has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to staying at the very forefront of neurology research and advancements. She has actively participated in clinical trials, collaborative studies, and even professional conferences – constantly expanding her knowledge and skill set to offer her patients the most up-to-date treatments.

As a decorated neurologist, Dr. Elizabeth Matthew possesses a remarkable ability to diagnose and manage a wide range of neurological conditions – From disorders such as epilepsy, parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis to migraines and peripheral neuropathy, she approaches each case with meticulous attention to detail and a personalized approach.

Her patients value her empathetic nature, as she takes the time to listen, understand, and address their concerns while involving them in the decision-making process.

Dr. Matthew is also deeply committed to medical education, who serves as a mentor and educator to aspiring neurologists. She is actively involved in training programs and shares her wealth of knowledge through lectures, publications, as well as workshops; inspiring the upcoming generation of neurology professionals.

Beyond her clinical practice and academic pursuits, Dr. Matthew actively engages in community outreach initiatives as well. She volunteers her time and expertise to raise awareness about neurological conditions, participates in health fairs, and collaborates with patient advocacy groups to provide valuable resources to those in need.

With her exceptional medical acumen, genuine compassion, and dedication to advancing the field of neurology, Dr. Elizabeth Matthew continues to make a profound impact on the lives of her patients and the medical community as a whole.

Her unwavering commitment to excellence and patient-centered care makes her a highly respected and sought-after neurologist.

Neurology Services

Neurologists play a critical role in diagnosing and treating stroke, which occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted.

Neurologists diagnose and manage epilepsy, a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
MS is a chronic autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. Neurologists help diagnose MS, develop treatment plans, and provide long-term management.

Parkinson’s Disease
Neurologists specialize in diagnosing and managing Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder affecting movement.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
Neurologists are involved in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating neurodegenerative conditions that cause memory loss and cognitive decline.

Headaches and Migraines
Neurologists often assist in diagnosing and managing chronic headaches, including migraines.

Neuromuscular Disorders
Neurologists evaluate and treat conditions that affect the muscles and nerves, such as muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, and myasthenia gravis.

Brain Tumors
Neurologists work closely with other specialists to diagnose and treat brain tumors, providing guidance on surgical options and managing symptoms.

Sleep Disorders
Neurologists can diagnose and treat various sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome.

Neurological Trauma
Neurologists may care for patients who have experienced head injuries or other neurological trauma.



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Vascular and pulmonary care for patients that suffer from heart and vascular conditions.



American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certified in Psychiatry


Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Surgery Specialty

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