Immune Boost IV Therapy

Strengthening You Inside Out

Guarding you against all the harmful infections and diseases, your immune system serves as the body’s ultimate defense mechanism. So, maintaining the strength of your immune system is quite essential, enabling it to protect you against infections like the cold or flu.

Keeping your immune system healthy requires appropriate consumption of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes, while also refraining from things that can have negative effects on your immune system, such as sleep deprivation, fatigue, constant stress, unhealthy diet, etc.

Our immune boost IV therapy has been exceeding everyone’s expectations, by offering the most perfectly proportioned doses of everything that a compromised immune system would need to regain it’s strength.

Immunity IV drips at Manhattan Medical Arts ensure that your immune system is always ready to fight against any health danger, keeping you at peace and healthy.

Best Uses for Immune Boost IV

With an objective to enhance your immunity and to make your recovery process a lot faster and easier, our immunity boost IV drips supply the right amount of antioxidants, vitamins, as well as hydration.

Listed below are few of the many benefits that these IV drips offer:

  • Shields you from infection
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with quick recovery
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Reduces the duration of illness
  • Keeps fatigue and weaknesses at bay

What it includes

Ascorbic Acid

While working as an antioxidant, Ascorbic acid provides protection to the cells against all unstable molecules from doing any harm, along with offering to augment immunity by absorbing iron and creating collagen.

Vita Complex

Serving you by utilizing nutrients for energy and maintaining the health of your skin and blood cells, vita complex is an effective mixture that contains B-complex vitamins.

Zinc Chloride

Being one of the key ingredients for our immunity IV – Zinc chloride does the most by fighting off infections, decreasing the span of your illness, and pacing up the healing process.

Energizing Weakened Immune System
with Our IV Hydration Therapy

A body’s immune system serves as a soldier that guards and fights off infections to keep you safe and healthy, but what if this defense mechanism fails and becomes incapable of fighting for you? While we do have an understanding of how to refuel and boost your immune system, how do we get to know that it needs a boost?

Here are a couple of the most common signs that can indicate towards a weakened immune system:

  • Frequent recurrence of skin, ear or sinus infections
  • Constant flu and cold symptoms
  • Being anemic and having decreased platelets
  • Being nauseous, along with cramps and diarrhea
  • Feeling of exhaustion and fatigue
  • Experiencing infections and inflammation

What Happens On The Day Of
The Appointment


An extensive assessment and consultation process takes place prior to the treatment in order for our expert physicians to evaluate your needs as well as your expectations so that the recommended treatment plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

The Treatment Begins

Our state-of-the-art medical facility is designed to provide comfort and exceptional patient experience. As soon as the recommended therapy has been finalized post-consultation; our staff ensures that you’re laid back and relaxed, all while our immune boosting IV drips revitalize your health, giving you a new refueled energy well within
an hour.

Experience The Instant Results

Since our IV therapies infuse the essentially required minerals and vitamins directly into your bloodstream, this translates into instant rejuvenation of your physical health, which then boosts your mental health as a consequence. You will leave our practice feeling re-energized and stronger than ever.

Boost Your Immune System
At Manhattan Medical Arts

Our immune IV kit includes only the most effective, well-researched, and well-proportioned ingredients that
guarantee to re-energize your immune system, enabling it to function at its best, keeping you safe and healthy. The components included in our immune boost IV drips also provide the surety of not inducing any side-effects.

No need to worry about feeling weak, fatigued, or un-well anymore – Opt for our IV hydration therapy and recover
faster than ever.

For more information or further inquiries, visit our website – or schedule a consultation with our Board
Certified Physicians – Book an appointment online, give us a call (645-454-9000), or visit us
at Manhattan Medical Arts.

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