Get Up and Go IV Boost

Manhattan Medical Arts offers the very effective Get Up and Go IV Boost, serving as the perfect solution to burning
fat quicker, boosting your metabolism, as well as improving and balancing your energy levels.

Our IV boost kit is responsible for delivering to your bloodstream all the required nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and supplements – this not only supports but also speeds up the fat burning processes in your body, along with speeding up metabolism.

This amazing IV drip is loaded with multiple essential amino acids that are designed to not only help you lose weight, but also for the retention of lean muscle, along with energizing the body and keeping fatigue at bay.

Benefits of Our IV Drip

Get Up and Go IV kits available at Manhattan Medical Arts offer easy care and convenience to all our patients, while also being affordable as compared to separately obtaining the IV equipment and ingredients.

This specially formulated and result-oriented IV drip is created with an objective to offer instant energy boost while relieving you of all the concerning symptoms of problems such as dehydration, brain fog, lack of sleep, and more.

Here’s a list of a few common benefits that it offers:

  • Instant Hydration
  • Helps burn fat
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Restores energy
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Improves performance

It Includes

This IV infusion is loaded with the boost of energy that your body needs. For anyone who is suffering from physical
and mental exhaustion, fatigue, lack of focus and motivation, or unbalanced energy levels – Get Up and Go IV is all you need.

This exceptionally energizing IV drip includes:

Calcium Chloride (4ml’s)

Magnesium Chloride (1ml)

Olympia Vita Complex (1ml)

Hydroxocobalamin (1ml)

Issues it Addresses

Get Up And Go IV Infusion Blend is specifically designed to help you burn fat, restore your energy, boost your metabolism, and significantly enhance your overall physical performance. Our IV drip is not only hydrating and nourishing, but it is also beneficial in terms of improving your workouts, giving you that extra added power to push forward and meet your goals. If you desire to peak your physical functionality, we welcome you to schedule an appointment today.

How Long Does it Take?

Receiving an IV drip therapy is always a little different for each individual. However, it typically takes between 45 to 60 minutes for someone to get done with their treatment. You’ll remain seated comfortably and relatively still, but can still carry on
with conversations, meditation, or even work.

At Manhattan Medical Arts

If you are tired of the mixed results you get from the gym and desire a solution that will burn unwanted fat more
effectively and faster, our Get Up And Go IV Infusion Blend can definitely give you the results you want.

Get in touch with our team at Manhattan Medical Arts to see if this formula is right for you. Connect with us to schedule a
free consultation and set-up an appointment, or visit our healthcare practice to re-energize, rehydrate, and replenish your
body like never before.

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