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“World Hepatitis Day”-Raising Awareness and Saving Lives

“World Hepatitis Day” – It is celebrated every year on July 28th, honoring Dr. Baruch Blumberg on his birthday. Dr. Blumbreg gave us the gift of discovering Hepatitis B, along with successfully devising a test for its diagnosis, as well as a vaccine for this virus.

Since his birthday became what we know today as “World Hepatitis Day”, it has been serving the masses as a constant reminder and awareness of the disease hepatitis, and the ways to cure it.

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis can be explained as the inflammation in the liver, which can be caused by several different reasons, i.e. high consumption of alcohol, consumption of different medications, usage of drugs, eating unhygienic food, and a few more.

Almost 400 million people are suffering from the disease hepatitis, an estimation given by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hepatitis programs and treatments are conducted all over the world to reduce this painful inflammatory disease.

World Hepatitis Day

According to several health care organizations, it is estimated that the disease hepatitis kills one person every 30 seconds; and the common reason behind these deaths is the delayed diagnosis since people lack awareness of this virus, its treatment, and the cures for it.

International hepatitis day is celebrated with an aim to spread awareness about the disease hepatitis and its harmful effects on human health. To this day different medical organizations and practices come up with hepatitis programs, which include awareness about the symptoms of the virus, treatments, its cure, and how this chronic illness is injurious to health.

Presently, there are 90 percent of people suffering from hepatitis B and 80 percent of them are battling hepatitis C; while the deadly combination of hepatitis B and C combine can cause life-threatening liver cancer. Moreover, viral hepatitis is now a global issue and is considered a global epidemic that is affecting millions of lives, and unfortunately, these people do not know the reason behind their severe illness and consequent death.

Treatments and cures of hepatitis with effective vaccines and medications are available that can help in reducing this critical disease, but for that awareness and in-depth understanding are necessary.

For this purpose, International hepatitis day is celebrated globally with the intention of spreading acknowledgment and this is the day when people realize their inner health issues regarding hepatitis. Furthermore, World Hepatitis Day also integrates different medical institutes – the government medical sector, and the general public to uplift the profile of disease hepatitis globally.

Hepatitis- Types & Causes:

There are 5 types of hepatitis;

1.    Hepatitis A

2.    Hepatitis B

3.    Hepatitis C

4.    Hepatitis D

5.    Hepatitis E

Hepatitis – A

Hepatitis A is a short-term disease and is not very dangerous, yet seriously contagious. It is present in the blood or stool of a person and can be transmitted from various types of contacts.


·         Can be caused by sexual contact (oral or anal sex)

·         Caused by HAV, which is usually found in food or water.


·         Consuming less food

·         High-temperature

·         Muscle pain

Hepatitis – B:

Hepatitis B is one of the dangerous types of hepatitis as it is a long-term disease and it takes its due time to be cured. Hepatitis B can be transmitted through the blood, semen, or vaginal fluid of an infected person. Over 250 million people are living with this threatening disease around the world.


·         Sexual relations with the person having HVB can cause this disease

·         Sharing the same razors or syringe cause hepatitis B

·         Usage of used needles


·         Urines turn darker

·         Pain in the abdomen

·         Fatigue

Hepatitis – C

After hepatitis B, hepatitis C is the second most common type of hepatitis that is found in the world, and a large number of people are infected by this chronic disease. Vaccines for hepatitis C are currently less effective and the treatment is still low.


·         Having multiple sex partners as anyone of them can have HVC

·         A mother can cause hepatitis C in her newly born child if she is already infected.


·         Jaundice.

·         Swollen legs

·         Losing weight

Hepatitis – D:

Hepatitis D inflames the liver and causes swelling in it – It can also cause liver cancer if not cured at an early stage.


·         A person having hepatitis B can have hepatitis D.

·         Receiving blood transfusion from a person infected with HVD.


·         Vomiting

·         Pail skin

Hepatitis – E:

Hepatitis E is a life-threatening disease that targets the liver and can also cause liver failure.


·         Drinking contaminated water that has fecal molecules in it.

·         Eating animals infected with HVE can also cause this disease in a person.


·         Abdominal pain

·         Liver pain and enlargement.

Cure Hepatitis – Treatments:

Hepatitis is the kind of disease that needs to be cured at the right time and at an early stage. Proper usage of hepatitis medicines and therapy is important to get rid of it. As hepatitis is of many types, the treatments vary for each type of chronic viral.

·Hepatitis – A can be cured by a hepatitis program of dietary, consulted by a nutritionist.

·Hepatitis – B has no specific cure at the moment, so medications are used for months and years for betterment.

·Hepatitis – C can be cured by antiviral hepatitis medicines and can take the person to liver transplant.

·Hepatitis –D is cured by pegylated interferon alpha, which is suggested by WHO.

·Hepatitis-E has no cure either, good hygiene and intake of fluids are suggested by the doctors.

The Final Verdict

Hepatitis is a common disease in today’s world but it is quite depressing to know the fact that people are unaware of this viral disease and it’s spreading faster day by day. To reduce the spread of this disease, great awareness and understanding are mandatory around the world and World Hepatitis day helps to promote and spread awareness.

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